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Why Ice Cream?

It's not often you visit a PR or marketing website and see ice cream, and that's exactly why I chose it.

I'll be honest with you - too many websites look the same. They have pictures of their team sitting with a coffee in front of the computer, or perhaps holding their smart phone smiling. Or worse - they have stock photography of OTHER people, which is not at all representative of who they are.

I chose ice cream for the following reasons:

- who doesn't love ice cream?

- it's not what you'd expect to see when you visit a PR agency website, and my hope is that it stands out a bit.

- it is a reference to something I've been saying for years to try and drive myself and clients to do and be better. Don't settle for being vanilla - push yourself to be neapolitan.

I'm not saying vanilla is bad, but it's kind of the standard of ice creams. Now, if you add some chocolate sauce and some sprinkles, then you dazzle it up a bit.

The same goes for marketing and PR. Sure, you can serve a scoop of vanilla and it will probably be just fine. But, fine doesn't dazzle, it doesn't delight; it's not as memorable as adding chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

In a world full of clutter, vanilla might not be enough to stand out.

I believe in striving for excellence, and not settling for mediocrity, so I use the vanilla/neapolitan reference almost daily as a reference to push the bar as high as we can get it to go.

Thanks for visiting the new website!

~ Natalie Harper

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